Leather & suede feature textures, scents, and appearances that make them truly unique materials.

Their excellent insulation characteristics prevent the cold from penetrating in the winter and allow ventilation in the summer.


Spray garment with a protective spray (such as Tana 16). Because leather is a skin, it is porous and will absorb and/or retain dirt and soil without proper protection. A spray should be applied before the items first wear and be repeated after several exposures to rain or snow.

Wear a scarf to protect the collar area from perspiration and body oils.

Never store leather in a plastic bag. Hang in a dust-free, well ventilated closet. Leather and suede need air circulation to prevent drying out.

Hang on a padded or wide contoured hanger. Wire hangers may leave marks or stretch the shoulders of your garment.

Do not store your leather or suede in direct lighting.

Most wrinkles will come out if left in a damp room overnight.


To remove surface dirt and revitalize finish brush with a cloth. Blot stains immediately with an absorbent cloth but do not rub!

When suede gets wet or rain spotted, blot with a dry towel and dry away from heat. Dry brush with a terry-cloth to restore the original appearance.

For machine washable suede, please refer to machine washable section under the suede sub-section.

For dry clean only leather and suede; we recommend dry cleaning only when necessary and use a Professional Leather and Suede Cleaner. The dry cleaning process may change the appearance and feel of your garment. Give the dry-cleaner any care instructions included with your garment.